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Tips On How To Be An Outstanding PUGB Player

Every online gamer knows that they need to be smart in how they play in order to survive for long. In this article we will be looking at some of the tips you need to use to be an outstanding player. These tips can help you get your first chicken dinner. You need to start by giving the area of your dropping a perfect thought in order to select the best place. This is because cause of the more significant impact it has on the very first minutes of your play. A recommendation for those who are new to playing PUGB is that they should consider an early dropping.

The benefit of this is that you will very many planes dropping with you which an essential approach. This is because this takes you to combat that ensure that you train on shooting methods and melee first hand. The next thing you need to look at is to be very keen on the audio cues using your headset as illustrated by this blog. This blog says that the cues like footsteps, bullets and car sounds will help you identify where the other is located.

What this blog recommends is that you should play using your headphones that will give right cues. To avoid destroying your headsets, this blog will show you some of the tips you can apply to keep them safe. You can see clearly that this blog is beneficial when it comes to taking good care of your headphones to ensure that they provide high quality cues. Another very vital point of being outstanding in playing PUGB is ensuring that you are always beyond the blue wall.

The benefit of this is to provide that you are always in the playable area, and therefore you should watch this as you are looting, running or e en when shooting. There is also a requirement that you ensure that you always steal soon and more often when you are playing PUGB. For instance when you drop, you should move quickly to the nearby buildings where you will get the first dibs of the most significant weapons.

This is the same time that you need to also pick as many as you can of the healing supplies such as energy drinks, med lists, bandages among other things. Finally, you are advised to play safe at some moments. This is like where you move to take shelter in some of the nearby buildings. At this point you need to set traps that are placed in the best areas. This is a way of warning more kills without blowing your cover.