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The Steps That One Must Follow When Employing Macujo Method

It is quite clear that developed countries have always preferred hair drug tests over the years. This means that hair drug tests have been gaining a lot of popularity hence overshadowing the other urine and blood tests. The reason why developed countries prefer this method is because it enables them understand then drugs that a person has used even three months before. For the test to be performed, only a short hair sample is necessitated. Macujo method is what has been used by people who are undergoing this hair drug test as it enables them clean all the chemical substances hence testing negative. The process works effectively through permeabilization. Jotted throughout the article are the steps that you need to follow when using Macujo method to cleanse your hair.

Days prior to cleansing your hair through the Macujo method, you should consider avoiding using any drug whatsoever. It will be impossible for you to fully cleanse the chemical substances in the hair where you prolong the use of these drugs days before the cleansing. You will be wasting your time, money and effort where you continuously use the drugs whether marijuana or any other drug as the process will always be ineffective.

It is essential that you define the day when you will be cleaning the hair. The cleaning procedure demands that you commence with hot water. This is the warm water that you will use to wet and moist your hair. You should by all means have plenty water for this process.

Macujo method necessitates that you use vinegar. You need to therefore use the Heinz vinegar and this is the vinegar that you will pour in your hair and them have the vinegar smeared all through. This should be followed by some intense massaging. There is need for you to remain keen and careful so as to avoid having the vinegar touching your face and the eyes.

It deems fit that you add the pink clean and this pink clean will mix with the vinegar already poured on your hair. There is therefore need for you to have the vinegar and the pink clean mixing on the head. Once the two have mixed, ensure to massage the hair intensely. The pink clean contains salicylic acid which is known to avail some irritation to the scalp. You need to have a towel round your head helping keep the acid from touching the eyes, face and ears.

You need to let the mixture stay in the hair for 30 minutes. Endeavor to use shampoo to clear the mixture. Consequently, you will be able to eliminate the mixture in the hair and all the chemical substances hence allowing you pass the test.

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