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Characteristics of Someone with Eating Disorder

The eating disorder is a condition that does not choose the number of years or whether the person is male, female or transgender. people have collected some detailed data and the number of affected people about is thirty million across the world. There have been a conclusion that an eating disorder is a mental disease and consequently it has been the most hazardous causing many deaths. If realized earlier it can be cured and adverse effects may be avoided. Therefore people should familiarize themselves with the eating condition symptoms as expounded on this article.

Firstly, people who have poor eating conditions suffer from the preoccupation of food. Some characteristics of a person suffering from feeding disorders are obsessions with food during most hours of his or her day. This sign when noticed should be curbed by ensuring the person who has the eating illness has a been distracted from food programs and articles or recipes and has developed other interests such as mind games.

The other symptom of the eating sickness affected persons is experiencing the call of nature after a very short span. The eating disorder comes in two different forms either overeating or eating less than required. Over feeders feel a lot of contempt and usually have a need of throwing up time after time, there is always a need of them being alone mostly in bathrooms to expel the excess food that might have brought that feeling. The human body also is designed in such a way that it must give out waste compared to the amount of food you have taken, the more the food intake the more the waste hence more number of times required to expel the waste.

The other sign that can identify a person suffering from an eating disorder is the change in their physical appearance. You become lighter or heavier than before hence you are forced to change your wardrobe time after time. People with the eating disorder has other negative experiences such as hair loss and lack of important nutrients like the calcium. An eating disorder patient has a contempt feeling all the time and vomits a lot of times for this reason he or she experiences enamel breakouts that come from the many acids found in the stomach. There are body temperature changes which occurs from the reduced metabolism because digestion process warms up your body.

The last sign a person with an eating sickness has is avoiding places are public and include situations of food. There is a tendency of other people noticing the people suffering from an eating disease, they, therefore, ask them countless questions like why they are too thin or fat which make them feel uncomfortable thus avoiding social gathering entirely.