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What Causes Acne

In the US, there are so many people who are suffering from acne and these are people from all ages; children and adults. It is estimated that over fifty million people in the US get to record challenging acne every year. Therefore, there are so many products availed in the marketplace to help populaces deal with acne but you ate the one to determine the products to use. One of the companies out there that is helping populaces fight these acne is Neora and whenever you use the products availed, you will manage to re-establish your self-confidence and this is quite beneficial. Even though there are so many people who suffer from these acne, there are very few who actually knows what causes them. This article enables you acknowledge the primary causes of adult acne.

The very first cause for acne in adults is the hormones and the hormonal changes. For women, acne tend to surface before their menstrual cycle following the fluctuation of the hormones. There are other hormones like the androgens and the testosterone that tend to fluctuate and they eventually contribute to acne and these acne are in most cases appearing on the chin, neck and the back.

The second major or chief cause of acne in adults is stress. There is no doubt that a stressed up person will have acne being witnessed on their skin. It is where you are undergoing stressing moments and you are actually stressed that the adrenal gland contributes to having the stress hormone cortisol. This is the hormone that the body releases to combat the stress that you are recording or that you have. However, as this hormone gets released, testosterone tends to get released as well and this will ultimately contribute to the production of more oil by the oil glands leading to acne.

The pollutants is the air tends to cause acne as well. People living in the cities can never avoid the pollution. You will definitely have acne whenever your skin reacts against the pollutants that stick on the skin or that get into contact with the skin.

You are prone to have acne whenever you settle to using products that are never suitable for you or rather, where you use wrong products. There is therefore no doubt that many people have been using products for their skins without examining them first. A good example is where a person whose skin is oily gets to settle for oily products as they are never ideal. Instead, this person should always focus on using oil-free products. Therefore, whenever a person uses the wrong product, acne will surely pop up on the skin. It is therefore wise and deeming fitting that you use products that will never block the pores on the skin.

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