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Why You Should Drink Bacteriostatic Water

You need to know that bacteriostatic water is a kind of water that will prevent the development and growth of any bacteria. The water needs to be sterilized and filtered in so that there will be no bacteria present in the water. You need to mix the water with 0.9 percent of benzyl alcohol in order to prevent any future bacteria contamination or growth. The benzyl alcohol is responsible in turning the water into bacteriostatic which means that there will be no change in the bacterial content of the water. There are so many benefits that you will enjoy from bacteriostatic water.

There are so many functions of bacteriostatic water.

The first and major benefit of bacteriostatic water is in the dissolving and diluting of medications that will be used on an injection. There are 3 main ways to deliver an injection. The first one is injection below the skin referred to as subcutaneous injection. The other one is the intravenous injection which will be done through the veins of the patient. The last one is the intramuscular injection which is done by injecting in the muscle of the person.

Every time the medicine will be injected, the medicine will directly enter the blood circulatory system. It is really important to make sure that any substance that will enter the bloodstream is not contaminated with bacteria. That is because bacteria can lead to dangerous conditions and infections. Benzyl alcohol will make sure that the patient will not get infected during the injection of the medication because it can kill different types of bacteria.

You can also use the bacteriostatic water for hydration. Everybody is aware that the water is the biggest component of the human body. Water actually contributes about 70 percent of the weight of your body. Clinical pharmacology will make use of bacteriostatic water in order to hydrate the patients which are in emergency situations.

You can re-use the bacteriostatic water.

There are a lot of cases wherein you will be using the needle to pierce the rubber seal so you can draw the water out. The bacteria will be introduced to the water using the needle. You will no longer have to worry about bacterial contamination if you will use bacteriostatic water. That is because the benzyl alcohol can prevent the growth of various types of bacteria than other anti-bacterial agents.

It is actually cost effective to store and manufacture.

The bacteriostatic water is always available that is why it is very affordable to manufacture. You will be able to make your own bacteriostatic water at home. You just need to have benzyl alcohol and sterile water. But it is important for you to know how to manufacture bacteriostatic water properly. Tap water should also be avoided because you do not know the water quality from the water source in your area.

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