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Common Terms and Phrases in the Digital Marketing World

There is no shortage of digital marketing terms out there. These have been used for so long, asking what they mean shall seem out of place or even ignorant. To help you master them, here are some of those you are bound to encounter.
There is the popular SEO (search engine optimization). This is everything you do to get tour site to rank highly in the search results. All other terms are related to SEO.
Keywords refers to the chosen words people use in search boxes. You shall achieve more success when the commonly used and relevant keywords happen to be in your content.
Niche has to do with those areas your content comes from. You can see this in the idea of relevance we talked about earlier. You can look at your competition and how they make use of the idea of niche.
Backlinking is the task of getting links to your site from other sites. You will gain more when you make sure the sites chosen perform much better than yours.
Search Engine Algorithms is the collection of formulas search engines use to say what sites are most relevant and thus should appear in the search results. They are normally some complicated formulas which the SEO work shall manage to get to include your site at the top of the results pages.
PPC (pay-per-click) is an advertising method that gets used in different situations online. Its main advantage is that you pay for this marketing style once it delivers results. There are no losses as opposed to other forms of advertising.
Conversions are when your marketing efforts lead to clients buying what you have to offer or subscribe to your services. This is what any marketing campaign aims to end at. This site shall have guidance to help you learn more about getting the right conversions.
There shall also be mention of short tail keywords, which have only one or two words, as well as long tail keywords, which are more like phrases. Long tail phrases tend to be more successful at getting your site a higher ranking. These tend to be more unique and thus offer an advantage over what the competition is using.
CTR (click-through rate) is concerned with the speed and times an ad or post gets clicked on. This is a good measure of how popular a site happens to be.
SERPS (search engine results pages) refers to the pages that get displayed when you use certain keywords. You should always aim to be at the top of the first page.
It is by knowing more about these terms that you shall engage the experts much better. You can also see more here on how best to do digital marketing.