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How to Select an SR22 Insurance Company

Finding a good SR22 insurance provider can be a bit challenging. After all, there are so many out there, and they vary in offers, services and more. Hence, before you choose one, make sure it is the right one.

Definitely, there are points to take into account prior to making a choice. First, reputation. You can learn about a provider’s reputation simply by searching online and reading reviews. However, you’d like to make sure your sources are credible, otherwise you will only be misled. Stay with well-known consumer sites, such as Yelp or Angie’s List, and avoid marketing websites that reek of bias.

Client References

Asking for client references is a crucial step as you decide on an SR22 insurance company. After all, there’s nothing like hearing it straight from people who have worked with the provider. The principle here is no different from reading reviews, but of course, being able to actually converse with someone is more advantageous. Aside from the insurance product itself, you’d like to know more about the company’s customer service. This is clearly extremely important. When all else is equal, customer service is where the difference lies among different providers. You need not be a client to find out what kind of customer service a company is providing. Call them and make an inquiry and observe how they respond.


Although price should never be your biggest consideration when picking an SR22 insurance company, it is a big factor nevertheless. Being aware of the cost and your financial ability allows you to make a responsible financial decision. As you look into cost, make comparisons among various providers too. Truth is, this is the only way to know whether or not an offer is truly “affordable.”

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that while you may get a cheap offer, that doesn’t mean you should take it. Cheap insurance can only provide so much coverage, and when you actually need that protection, you may end up paying most of the costs out-of-pocket. Which runs counter to the very purpose you got that insurance in the first place.

Financial Stability

Finally, before choosing a certain SR22 insurance company, make sure they are financially stable. After all, you need your claims when you need them. This may well be the most critical part of deciding whether or not to choose a particular company. Getting insurance from a provider that is not financially well positioned is synonymous with wasting money.

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