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Basic Considerations to Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

A basic function of a kitchen faucet is to dispense hot and cold water to wash up hands, dishes and food. Beyond that is on defining up the style of the kitchen design.

With the old and new designs, mounting and finishes, you could get overwhelmed easily on choosing a faucet. In this article, you will be able to know some of the crucial considerations.

Mounting Style

Sink Mounted Faucet

You actually will be able to find various kitchen faucets and sink designs, but not all are in fact compatible always. In case you are ever working on an existing sink, you should make sure that you check on how many mounting holes it has. The new faucets actually comes with either one to four hole varieties.

If in case you are planning to replace an existing faucet which only needs few holes than what you actually have, you should consider looking for a new faucet that have an escutcheon plate so you could cover up any unneeded sink hole. This actually will do the trick on different standard sinks.

Handle Option

Single Handle Faucets

Single handle faucets are able to rotate directionally that mostly provides you an ability to regulate flow through up and down motion and temperature with side to side motions.

Double Handle Faucets

These mostly needs a minimum of three holes on its installation process. The various options in fact makes kitchen faucet designs something that’s customizable.

Hands Free Faucet

This kind of hands free option is actually activated by a sensor. You will see the handle at its side where it allows you in adjusting the flow rate as well as the temperature.

Material and the Finishes

An example of the standard finishes and colors would be chrome, nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, white, black and stainless steel. It is essential to bear in mind that finishes coming from different manufacturers are the the same. It’s a good idea that if you have plans on buying a faucet of buying an accessory like a hand spray or soap dispenser from the same collection for you to be able to find a good match with it.

Quality and Price

Most of the faucets actually use cartridge, ceramic or ball disk valves. Faucets having a ceramic disk valve and stainless steel or solid brass base material is more durable and this also costs more than just one with a plastic part.

A good indicator of quality would be its weight as well. When you are unsure if a fitting is solid brass, you should try picking it up. It will feel heavier than the other units. Solid brass bodies can last longer and requires the least care as well.

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