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Know These Cheap Car Upgrades that Will Customize Your Car

We would want our car to stand out from the rest of the vehicles out there, and happily you do not have to shell out thousands of dollars to give your car a personality and identity of its own. Know that several affordable options are actually available out there, and we will enumerate some below, which will give your car its own personality and identity without having you spend lots of money.

If you are still using a tape deck in your car, you can customize your car now by finding the new models of affordable stereos in various price range, that will take you to the modern music of today in a new experience. With the thousands of models in the market, sky is the limit depending on how much you want to spend for your stereo, with even under $100 cost for a new one.

Some of the features of a modern stereo today are USB input, wireless connection music, and hands-free calling. With the USB input, you can play files from a jump drive or control your phone via USB, or use it in charging your phone. With a short range wireless connection, which is practically present in any affordable stereos nowadays, you can use it to connect your phone to the car and play your favorite music library or stream services. Having a hands free calling feature of your call will allow you to communicate while driving and at the same time keep you safe because of this hands free calling feature of your car.

With just a little over $100, you can give your car an uplift with an aftermarket exhaust system which will sure be a head turner, with not much money to spend.

Customizing your license plate is another affordable way to upgrade your car and make it one of a kind. A custom plate is something that your car can use all alone once registered, thus giving your car a unique statement of identity at a very small cost.

Another way to upgrade your car is by replacing your headlights and thus make your car really your own. For a small amount of less than $100, you can change the color of your lights to yellow, white, blue and even purple with a light bulb conversion kit. To swap out your old halogens, you can also use a LED conversion kit with lights that can outlast your halogen bulbs.

You can remove extra weight from your car to make it accelerate faster and give you better gas mileage by detaching some things that you do not really need inside the car. If you are only using the two front seats, you can ditch the rear seats to give you more room, remove the spare tire if your destination is not a concern to be stranded with a flat tire, replace your roof and hood, or ditch the soundproofing of the car’s ceiling and doors, are some of the ways you can make your car lighter.